The Sprawling Standard Public School strikes a balance between modern facilities and natural surroundings, creating an atmosphere that is ideal for students to learn, explore and grow in perfect harmony with nature.


  • Large classroom (580sq.ft.), with MARBLE floor, naturally lit and well ventilated.
  • Individual seating arrangement.
  • Every classroom is well-equipped with learning aids such as interactive digital content from TeachNextTM using cloud technology with dedicated Ultra short throw projectors and teaching materials.
  • Temperature controlled RO (Reverse Osmosis) drinking water supply in every floor.
  • Over 50 CCTV cameras in the campus for 24X7 remotely controlled surveillance.
  • Garden in every floor equipped with automated drip irrigation.
  • Training in Performing Arts, such as Music, Dance and Drama.
  • Scheduled Yoga and Meditation classes to keep children fit, healthy, calm and focused.
  • Modern Library and Laboratory Facilities.


  • Cricket pitch with nets
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Throw ball Court
  • Volley ball Court
  • Sand pit for high jump and long jump practice
  • Throw events.


  • Individual PC for each student i.e. no sharing of PC.
  • Increases the application level with respect to IT AND ITES foundation skills.


  • Helps children and teachers apply the skills of LSRW .i.e. LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING AND WRITING.
  • Excellent for accent and fluency practice.
  • Promotes effective pronunciation and rhythm of speech.
  • The only lab to support ILT AND CBT led training.


  • Fully interactive platform containing numerous activities to make maths learning easy and filled with fun.


  • Ultra Short Throw Projector in every classroom.
  • Interactive Technology • Cloud Technology
  • In-house customized digital content along with content from Teach Next.
  • Children begin to develop presentation, descriptive and analytical skills.
  • Increases attention span, and helps to retain topics learnt.
  • Content designed to focus on HOW, WHAT AND WHY.


  • It is a well equipped lab with all modern amenities & features.
  • It has an extensive range of scientific models, specimens, slides, charts, instruments, equipments & apparatus that cater to the scientific needs of all levels of classes right from the primary to the secondary level.
  • Students experience the real sense of biological concepts by carrying out practicals here.


  • It is a lab with all equipments that support students’ need for carrying out the project work prescribed by the ICSE syllabus for all the classes.
  • The chemistry lab provides a platform & also helps the budding scientists to support them in their inquisitive motives to explore various scientific phenomenons.


  • The science faculty of Standard Public School is blessed with a fully co-ordinated lab facility which helps the students to learn & stimulate interest and to develop favourable attitude towards physics.
  • It gives children an opportunity to emphasize discovery enrichment, verification of facts, reinforcement of ideas & better understanding of concepts through learning by doing with real objects and models.


  • It is housed in a spacious and well lit room consisting of variety of books, journals and periodicals suited to the interests & aptitude of students of different age groups.
  • Here students find an environment which is conducive to the building up of habit of self learning.
  • It is accessible to internet facility.


  • This module allows students to discover and nurture a creative spirit while learning.
  • An involvement in Performance Arts helps students to increase academic discipline and provides them with a medium for selfexpression.
  • Music: Drums, Guitar, Harmonium, Piano, Singing, Synthesizer. | Dance: Indian & Western


  • Pursuing hobbies and interests is a great way to enhance one’s personality and discover hidden talents.
  • The diverse mix of activities under this module ensures that every child finds something that is of interest to him/her.
  • Calligraphy, Clay Modeling, Drawing, Needle Work , Origami, Painting, and Pottery.